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Brollstock media and formatting information

We generally record our stock footage at 4K at 24, 30, and 60 FPS.  We keep the bitrate at 50 - 100 mps whenever possible to maintain quality footage.  In addition, we also shoot footage in 2K, HD and SD formats.  We also record 180 and 360 videos for virtual reality projects as well.  

The majority of our clips are formatted in H.264 MOV.  This format is used widely and ensures our customers have a format they can work with.  

We use a range of cameras to provide a wide variety of breathtaking footage for use in your projects, ranging from sports action cameras to professional 4K capable full frame DSLRs.   In addition, we have recorded media in 7 different countries - and that list will continue to increase as we build on our growing compilation of stock footage.

We currently are in the process of vetting, refining and uploading our stock current stock footage archives.  As this process has several steps - it will take some time to get everything on this site.  In the meantime - if you have specific footage you are looking for - please shoot us an email - we may just have it!  If we do find the footage that you are looking for, we will upload it within 48 hrs of your request.

Licensing information

Please click here to learn more about's licensing model.


Unfortunately, at this time - we do not accept media from contributors.  We are currently working on adding this feature.  Once we do accept applications for contributors, we will have a vetting process to ensure that provides quality stock footage that meets legal guidelines.

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