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Licensing and Legal guide

We understand how complicated licensing can be. This guide was written to address most of the common questions regarding licensing, and to better help you decide which license is best for your project.  



Royalty Free



All our videos generally fall under a Royalty Free license.  What does this mean for you?  It means that there is no percentage of any sales of your commercial project due to brollstock.  


Editorial Only



These type of clips are generally event driven in nature.  They are most useful in augmenting editorial videos such as news, documentaries and other types of reporting.  These videos due to their more raw nature, their candidness and due to filming laws (which can vary by country), generally cannot be used for marketing or advertisement purposes and other commercial ventures.


Guidelines for usage 


Standard License


You are not required to give credit to brollstock for film credits for paid footage.  All Creative Commons videos unless otherwise stated, must include the following in their credits;


“Brollstock, Cinesim Media”


In addition, all footage under a standard license, may not be uploaded, presented or sold ‘as is’ on other stock footage, social media or ecommerce sites.  It must be used within the context of a project or commentary.  

Legal Information


Brollstock takes privacy seriously and we strive to provide a safe, equal environment that is conducive to creativity of all persons.  We have a multistep screening process for our media to ensure that it can be used for your project.  This means that some of our media may be designated as  being available for ‘editorial use’ only.  In addition, there are various laws regarding filming of persons, minors and private property that vary by location, region and country.  As a website, we cannot fully guarantee that our footage complies with your country’s laws.  Therefore we ask that you research filming legalities in your area before using our footage.  We are not liable for any penalties that may occur from incorrect, illegal or immoral use of's stock footage, images or any other media.By using our footage you are acknowledging that you have read our policy and agree with it.

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