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Woman Looks Sad, Depressed
Birds Circle Overhead
Woman Looks Sad, Depressed
Birthday Cake Candle Get Lit and Blown Out
People walking past the camera

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Woman Washes Hands Close Up

Close Up Of Train Tracks

Hand Opens Door

Shadow Man Walks Down Stairs

Asian Men Fishing

4K video. Royalty Free use. Multiple locations.

Video Camera Lens

Finding high quality, affordable stock footage can be a daunting challenge...but look no further.  Brollstock has you covered.  We provide a large variety of 4K and HD stock footage that can be licensed at affordable rates for your commercial projects.  Students may use our footage free with a Creative Commons CC BY-NC (noncommercial).  We have footage from various locations across the globe.  As we 100% own all of our footage, you can be rest assured that our licensing terms extend to every video.

100s of video clips to choose from!


Asian Woman Observes Alley

Young Woman Poses In Mirror

Asian Witch, Shaman Dances Around Candle

Wideshot Of Yeongdeok House

Dolly Through Creepy Dark Hallway

Japanese Subway Station

Young Woman Walks Around Korea In The Winter

Woman Dances Around Pavilion

Close Up Of Asian Woman's Eyes

Ascension Of Dark Stairs

Creepy Carousel Horse

Dog Sleeps On Wooden Deck

Woman Does Leg Raises In Gym

Ghost Girl Horror Footage

Various Shots Of Cornfields

Close Up Of Clock

Candy Dropping Into Halloween Bucket

Traveling Down Escalator POV

Woman Stands In Alley Wide Shot

Onryo Walks Up To Camera

Man Screams In Horror

Shadow Figure Walks Down The Stairs

Close Up Of Flickering Halloween Pumpkin

Woman Stands In Alleyway

Woman Walks Up To Camera And Smile

Jump scare of ghost woman from 1800s

Elevator Opens To Hallway

Close Up Of Real Haunted House

Flickering Jack O Lantern

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